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The famous 3 that started it all! These 3 products can essentially clean your home top to bottom. Read below for all their wonderful uses!

Minty Fresh Glass Cleaner:

This biodegradable and all natural window cleaner is sure to make those windows and mirrors sparkle! With this minty fresh scent, you'll want to clean every window in your house - maybe even your neighbours!

Citrus Paradise Multipurpose Cleaner:

This antibacterial, biodegradable all natural cleaner is the perfect addition to your family needs. Great on counter tops, toilets, sinks, inside microwaves etc., you’ll find you are reaching for it frequently! It will disinfect after kitchen messes, and have your bathroom smelling clean and fresh in no time!

Scent: Essential oils of grapefruit, lemongrass, and lavender

Lemon Meringue Scrub:

The perfect multipurpose scrub for your bathroom, kitchen & even floor needs. Get those taps sparkling, remove soap scum with ease, and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of natural ingredients and essential oils. The lemony fresh scent will have you nearly salivating! The whipped texture/gentle abrasive ingredients means it is safe to use on stainless steel to remove hard build up and greasy fingerprints. Just be sure to wipe off well with hot water so as to not leave any residue.

Main Squeeze Linen Spray:

Spruce up your linens with this citrus fresh spray using essential oils of lime, grapefruit, and peppermint. Spritz your curtains, linens, bedsheets, car, and maybe even your *main squeeze* to keep things fresh! ;)


Starter Kit (+BONUS Linen Spray!!)

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