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We are Hannah (on the left) and Amber (on the right). We began Cumberland Cleaning Co. with a dream to start a business that would benefit our busy lives with children and support our community at the same time. Our goal was to create our own work schedules (in order to accommodate a busy schedule with children), to create our own biodegradable, eco-conscious cleaning products, to hire staff and offer them a liveable wage, and to create a work environment where we work together respectfully, building a stronger community for all. 

We do what we do because we love it, and we are a great team. We aim to create a space that is mutually collaborative and beneficial to everyone who works for/with us. Hannah manages customer service, scheduling, and billing. Amber is the product developer, cleaning hack researcher and developer, and ultimate kitchen witch (slight cackle…). She also helps with customer service and handles our marketing & social media content.

What makes Cumberland Cleaning Co. so amazing? Well for starters we are a small local company that takes great pride in our work and use our own custom line of eco-friendly cleaning products while cleaning your home.


Our customer service and staff are second to none, but if that doesn't sell you, here are a few other pretty awesome things that we offer:

  • Certified Living Wage Provider

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Great Moral

  • Thorough and highly detailed

  • Reliable

  • Community oriented - giving back to charities and putting in our time to help out the community we call home

Why Choose Us?

Creating cleaning supplies has always been something Amber has been passionate about and done in her own home. This year we decided to take it one step further and create a line of eco-friendly cleaning products that we not only use for our clients, but are now available to purchase in our online shop! We have been overjoyed with the positive feedback on these products which has fuelled us to brand and package these products for purchase.


Our cleaning supplies are all natural, biodegradable and we use essential oils from Green Valley Aromatherapy which is located in the Comox Valley.

Our Products

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