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Lemon Meringue Scrub - and it's many uses!

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Our amazing Kitchen-Witch, Amber, has developed this fantastic scrub that can be used on just about any non-porous surface and smells a dream! Read below on how you can use this versitile, dreamy scrub.

This truly incredible, multi-purpose scrub works wonders on everything from stainless steel appliances to your tile grout! Here are a few ways to use this scrub:

Stainless Steel: Cleaning stainless steel with our Lemon Meringue Scrub is easy and leaves you with satisfying results. Your appliances will be looking new and shiny in no time, thanks to: the degreasing properties of lemon essential oil, the foaming properties of our ingredients, and the gentle abrasiveness of the paste.

There are many products available to clean stainless steel that oftentimes leave your appliances feeling greasy and are filled with harsh chemicals – the scents can be overwhelming and toxic to inhale.

With our all-natural, biodegradable, and delicious smelling scrub, you can easily attain the results you desire without the lingering sent of chemicals. Countertop appliances can be cleaned as well like toasters, kettles, and more!

*Do not use on porous surfaces such as wooden cabinets, granite/marble countertops, and wallpaper etc.

Clean Stainless Steel:

What you’ll need:

  • Cloths

  • Lemon Meringue Scrub

  • Minty Fresh Glass Cleaner

  1. Grab a damp cloth and about a teaspoon of Lemon Meringue Scrub (add more as desired) and smear the scrub onto your cloth, gently rub the cloth with the grain of the stainless steel (the paste is a gentle abrasive that will not harm the finish of your appliance but it’s still smart to go with the grain) until grease or food buildup has been removed. If you do not want to put scrub on the entire surface of your appliance, make sure to get high traffic areas such as door handles of fridges/freezers and other noticeable areas (If you have small children the lower parts of appliances like fridges/freezers/dishwashers tend to have many tiny hand prints).

  2. Make sure to wipe off well with a hot damp cloth, you may have to wipe a few times (rinsing your cloth in-between) to ensure that no residue is left behind. As the paste dries on your appliance it will turn white and you may see streaking.

  3. Once the Lemon Meringue Scrub has been cleaned off, you can spray a dry rag (we prefer a glass cleaning cloth, but you can use a microfiber cloth or paper towel) with our Minty Fresh Glass Cleaner. It’s best to spray your rag and not the stainless steel appliance directly.

Now Stand back and admire your work! If you notice any more streaking, simply spray more Minty Fresh Glass Cleaner on your rag, and buff dry to completion.


Clean Grout:

What you’ll need:

  • Minty Fresh Glass Cleaner

  • Lemon Meringue Scrub

  • Toothbrush or small scrubbing brush with bristles

  1. Spray Minty Fresh Glass Cleaner generously onto grout.

  2. Put pea size amount of Lemon Meringue Scrub onto brush (add as needed)

  3. If the Minty Fresh spray isn’t looking watery, add more. You want the scrub and minty fresh glass cleaner to break down into a watery mixture.

  4. Start scrubbing gently with the brush onto the grout. You will notice almost immediately how clean the grout becomes. Gently scrub back and forth until you obtain desired results.

  5. Wipe the grout clean with a cloth.

  6. When the grout dries it will begin to look more light in colour. If your tiles have a shiny finish a white residue from the scrub may be present so make sure to wipe well with hot water and a cloth, then you can spray Minty Fresh Glass Cleaner directly onto tiles and buff dry with a dry rag (we prefer a glass cleaning cloth, but any rag will do like microfiber or paper towel) to see them shine streak-free!

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